Fujitsu World Tour 2018


Fujitsu World Tour 2018

Fujitsu World Tour is back again for 2018. This year we will visit cities over 20 countries across six continents, showcasing our most innovative technology and customer success stories. Our events give you a chance to come and meet Fujitsu experts, explore the latest business challenges across industry sectors and see our technology in action. We will look at how we can work together to create new possibilities for business and society through digital transformation.

The Fujitsu World Tour will take place in the Netherlands June 11th in Maarssen. Save the date!

Co-creation for Success

The theme of this year's Fujitsu World Tour is Co-creation for Success. We'll be focusing on showing how Fujitsu helps organizations use the power of co-creation to deliver new and tangible value, both within their businesses and for wider society.

Our co-creation approach enables our customers to design their digital businesses, connect the right partnerships and expertise to deliver transformational outcomes. Fujitsu is at the heart of this, contributing connected technologies such as Cloud, AI, IoT and Cyber Security - all of which will be showcased throughout the Fujitsu World Tour 2018.


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