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FFWD Insights

FFWD Insights is series of high level events, masterclasses, deep dives and off sites for a C-level audience. FFWD involves top researchers, top media, start-ups and innovators in the creation of the programs. Most of the FFWD Insight are invitation only events, informal and aimed a not only bringing people, insight and ideas together, but also to facilitate co-creation between the participants.

What can you expect on this event. Insights for sure, new ideas, new friends and fun. Innovation is on every boardroom agenda. We try to structure the developments not only along the line of disruptive technologies and how to deploy them, but also with a longer term and social perspective.

Well first of all, we hope that you will be enlightened. Meet your peers and meet the experts. This event is much more a co-creation setting where you discuss, follow masterclasses, work in open space and challenge the experts on the WHY of tech innovation. After the what tech developments we have been witnessing in the pass decade, we have been working on how to implement. However, the exponential changes force us to also rethink a number of things. How do end up in a desirable future. 

WHAT FFWD INSIGHTS 2018 IS ALL ABOUT Fast Forward Insight brings you the world beyond tech driven transformation. Not only the what or how, but especially the why is important for companies. We all recognize that are in a time where technology drives societal changes with major impact on our individual lives, the organizations, the economy and society as a whole.

Some say that we are entering a age uncontrollable technology. For the first time in mankind we are creating technology we do not fully understand anymore. From the past we learned that technology can have majore social economic effects. Look at the steam machine, electricity, the telephone, cars and computers.

The current ‘race to moon’ around dominating the AI developments, blockchain being deployed in many sector, advanced robotics will lead us to new and unknown territories. The consequences will different for different groups in society. Ethical codes will be broken, new economic logics will revolutionize the way we work and make money.

The next decade will be about finding a new balance between Man & Machine. Robots will enter our lives rapidly, the world of IT meets the world of OT (Operational technology), data will drive the logics and the business models. For companies to survive, it is of essence to be aware, be sharp and above all have the right innovation strategy. There are many possible ways to innovate, however to many companies are acting like copy cats, they lack the creativity needed in times were many technologies converge.

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