App van de week: Layer Information App (week 28)
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App van de week: Layer Information App (week 28)

One of the fundamental challenges of a transformation program is to achieve a strategic business goal. The Layer Information App (LIA) is a Program Management tool that supports strategic business programs.

LIA aims at ensuring transparency by providing real-life updates, ease of data accessibility, and supporting transformation. With view to achieving these objectives, LIA provides exhaustive information on Budget, Milestones, Planning, and Issues and Risk.

By using LIA, users will be able to visualize roadmaps, monitor and control the different programs and projects, and create the roadmap based on capabilities and benefits. LIA has the functionality of providing project updates by using memo videos that can be created using iPads. The memo video is automatically uploaded to Microsoft Windows Azure, where everyone using LIA within the organization can see this video. This results in increasing transparency within your organization, engineering in flexibility, and fostering ease-of-communication amongst your employees. Importantly, it also means that you no longer need to read those cumbersome status reports!

Please note that you can download and install this Application, but that full use of the Application is only possible if your organization has entered into a paid contract for use of this Application with Capgemini, and your organization has provided you with login details for the full functionality of this application.

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