HR Tech Europe

New roles, systems and software are creating the next wave of change. Ironically, the world of HR has been using more and more technology to help manage HR more effectively. Strategy First, Technology Second and Employees First, Customers Second encompasses the new world of work and our research in 2013, the realisation that technology is enabling organisational transformation (agility, flexibility, cost, etc), and changing the very nature of HR. Enterprise technology has become a living, breathing organism that is malleable to our own needs. The world of work has become 'networked', and in Europe especially, businesses are having to learn how we can still run organisations that are organised as hierarchical structures. How will companies become networks and communities themselves, and evolve from static structures? How will we manage and decipher BIG DATA?

There is great excitement across Europe on this next chapter in HR - the convergence and interaction of people & business analytics, the cloud and mobile. Post-event, attendee's will be equipped to take intelligent action and enjoy major takeaways, tips, & a set of recommendations for management to help maximize current HR & Technology investments.

Interested in innovation, disruption and being different? Mark your calendar for what will be our most exciting production to date on October 24-25 in Amsterdam!

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